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How to Join
How to Join


All trainees and qualified therapists: counsellors, psychotherapists, psychologists and psychological and wellbeing practitioners etc are warmly invited to become members of the Union. Please ensure you read the Union Constitution.  

Subscription Costs:

  • Practising therapists with a comfortable income: £90 per year
    (A comfortable income means you can easily pay for everything you need
    and also some luxury expenditure on top.)

  • Practising therapists with a moderate income: £60 per year
    (A moderate income means you can fairly easily pay for everything you need,
    but there is not much left over for luxury expenditure.)

  • Practising therapists with a low income: £35 per year
    (A low income means you have to be quite careful even to be able to
    pay for the things you need.)

  • Trainee, unemployed, or retired therapists: £12 per year
    (If a trainee, please provide proof of trainee status.)

  • ‎Trainees who are members of BAATN or Black Therapy Matters: £1 per year
    (Please provide proof of trainee status and membership of
    Black Therapy Matters or BAATN.)

Member Support Services:

The Members Support Volunteers team service can ONLY be accessed by members who have been a member for at least 3 months. 


Process for Joining:

  1. Set up an annual standing order payable to: Account name: 'Psychotherapy and', Bank name: Unity Trust Bank plc, Sort code: 60-83-01, Account no: 20357063.

  2. Please, you must use your name as a reference. However, if you are using your company name, joined account name or a different name from yours on the reference, please let us know as soon as possible for us to identify the payment. 

  3. Set up a standing order using the details below. It is now a requirement to pay via annual standing order except in special circumstances (get in touch).  Please use your NAME as a reference.

  4.  Contact us at to tell us: the date that you set up this standing order, the amount it is for, and the date when the first payment will be made.

  5. Complete the form below - all of the information will be sent to the administrator who will contact you about your application within a week. 

  6. Please, do not complete and send the form unless you have first set up an annual standing order!

Your employment and practice: please tick all the boxes that apply:
Payment of subscriptions
Membership/registration body

If you choose a concession fee option of membership, you will need to email with proof, for example: membership of BAATN; proof of pre-qualifying status and date when qualifying; evidence of unemployment or retirement. If unsure what evidence to provide please contact

I confirm

The PCU is committed to promoting equality, fairness and respect within all areas of our work and this includes providing equal opportunities in access to and participation in PCU settings, spaces and events - whether in person or online. If  there are any adjustments we can make in order to support your participation in the union's activities please email 


We would also invite you to complete the PCU - Equality Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Survey which is anonymous.

Once you complete the form you need to come back to this page to click submit for your membership form.

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Join PCU

"Respect for All recognises the Psychotherapy and Counselling Union as an appropriate body to represent and negotiate on behalf of PCU members who are professionally involved with RfA as volunteers, trainees or self-employed counsellors.” 

- Alix Otten, Respect for All

Thanks for completing the membership form!We aim to be in touch within a week.

If you are having issues submitting the form, please email

PCU offers all members support with: 


  • Members Support access after three months of membership - after three months you can access the Members Support Volunteers team.

  • Workplace disciplinary and grievance procedures.

  • Complaints processes.

  • Bullying, harassment and discrimination.

  • Problems with training organisations.

  • Contract vetting.

  • Whistleblowing-related problems.

  • PCU does not offer legal advice or legal representation as it is widely available elsewhere from insurance companies and other professional organisations. 


PCU has affiliated with Truth Legal who offer preferential No Win, No Fee agreements in personal injury, clinical negligence and professional negligence claims. Truth Legal also offer some No Win, No Fee employment law representation at reduced rates to PCU members. Reduced rates are also offered to non-No Win, No Fee work.


Group support with:


  • organisational dysfunction

  • threatened closure of trainings and organisations

  • issues of discrimination, difference and diversity


A voice in:


  • collective decision making within the Union

  • identifying and carrying through campaigning issues

  • communicating with other members through the Union google group.


University changes its ways after pupil

A positive outcome following PCU Support: University changes its ways after pupil wins



In addition, PCU offers trainees support with training & placement, for example: 


  • disciplinary and grievance procedures

  • complaints processes

  • bullying, harassment and discrimination

Support for Black trainees

  • In the light of the lack of support for Black Trainees within our profession, and the generally agreed understanding that economic and structural discrimination is likely to disproportionately affect trainees from the Black, African, Asian and other POC communities in the UK, that PCU in its commitment to inclusion, and to addressing structural discrimination accepts into membership Psychotherapy and Counselling Trainees who are also trainee members of the following organisations:

      - Black Therapy Matters
      - BAATN
      at the rate of £1 per year, per trainee

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