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How to get involved and build the union


1. Publicise and promote the union - talk to your colleagues and share information through your professional networks, distribute PCU publicity at conferences and events.


  • Training: if you are in training, or working for a training institute, circulate publicity and talk about PCU to other students and staff - the Codes of Practice for training may be a useful way of initiating discussions.

  • If you are qualified, contact your training institute to ask if they will circulate information about PCU, and/or allow you to talk to students.

2. Build links with other PCU members. Face-to-face meetings - CPD, information-sharing, discussions, or informal get-togethers in a cafe or bar - are a great way to generate energy and fresh ideas, and involve new people. If you want to organise a meeting in your area, PCU can help with room hire costs, publicity, etc

3. Support other therapists in difficulty: Member support and representation is a central part of PCU's work: this can involve difficulties in the workplace (e.g. disciplinary processes, grievances, bullying, changes to terms and conditions), on training courses or placements, or client complaints. We need more members to join our team of PCU representatives as we develop this area of our work. You will be supported with advice, guidance and peer support, and we plan to develop specialist training in this area



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