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Statement on Israel and Palestine 2023

The Psychotherapy & Counselling Union, at its core, is a trade union. Our first point of concern has always been to those in this profession being paid a living wage, being treated with respect in the workplace, challenging discrimination, and lobbying to create an environment where our clients and members feel safe.

But our work, as therapists, is situated in a global context of struggles around power structures of both internalised and external oppression. The PCU stands in solidarity with working people in Palestine and Israel and so unreservedly condemns the killing of Israeli civilians by Hamas and the killing of Palestinian civilians by Israeli forces.   We call for an immediate ceasefire and the immediate full resumption of aid to Gaza, the release of hostages by Hamas and the release of the many hundreds of Palestinian 'administrative detainees’ held without trial in Israel.

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Injustice and inequality should be opposed wherever they take place, and the Palestinian struggle is an international issue for the trade union movement. As such, PCU joins the tide of opposition and horror at the collective punishment and cruelty being inflicted by the Israeli government in its attacks and strikes on the civilian population of Gaza, recognising the enormous number of fatalities this is creating and the uprooting and displacement of so many. We do not disregard the significant place and responsibility Britain has through its colonial past and would therefore encourage Britain to be an active participant in finding resolution in this conflict.

PCU stands with calls of others to end the siege and occupation, to implement international law, and uphold Palestinian human rights. We call on the UK government and opposition parties to make clear their opposition to the inhumane attacks on Gaza and to publicly and unequivocally criticise this terrible breach of international law. PCU is opposed to all forms of racism, including antisemitism and islamophobia. We express solidarity with all who fight for justice, equality and peace in both Palestine and Israel.  


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