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Training and Employment

Codes of Practice 

PCU developed two Codes of Practice adopted at PCU's first campaign conference in 2018:


  1. Trainee Code of Practice for unpaid work for trainees to "get the hours" for qualification 

  2. Employment Code of Practice for paid work for charities and other organisations 


Raising Awareness


This database of approximately 200 organisations has been generated from contacts provided by PCU members.  These organisations were contacted encouraging them to adopt the codes with positive responses from individuals linked to the Union who have changed their own practice. 


UKCP has acknowledged the problem with unpaid work and are supporting PCU’s campaign. 


If you know of an organisation that PCU should approach to adopt the codes:


  1. Check if the organisation is already on our list by clicking on the database of approximately 200 organisations link above.

  2. Complete the form here to add an organisation.  

  3. Get involved - take the codes of practice to raise awareness of them in local organisations. Use  Why should I join a union? to help. 


Other ways to get involved:


  1. Help with gathering/collecting data in relation to trainees and therapists experience - contact to offer help. 

  2. Join the campaign team - email

  3. Contact organisations with the codes when they are advertising jobs.

  4. Organise a campaign demonstration outside a training or other organisation to raise awareness of the codes.

1 Trainee code redraft 2021.jpg
1 Employment code redraft 2021.jpg
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