"The impact PCU has had on my life has been significant...More than anything, the union believed in me when at the most difficult points. They have a clear vision and intention and I was supported and protected because of this. They were unconditionally supportive of me as a member...have clear values, to be committed, knowledgeable, and empathic with the confidence to let the work unfold. I cannot thank them enough." - PCU Member 2017

The Psychotherapy and Counselling Union (PCU), founded in 2016, is committed to our mission of standing up for therapists and the future of therapy. As written in our constitution our aims are:


  • Bring together counsellors, psychotherapists and other practitioners from every corner of the field, including trainees on an equal basis

  • Campaign for true diversity and equal opportunities in the therapy world, and support individuals who are discriminated against. 

  • Campaign to reform IAPT and other ‘therapy-lite’ substitutes, while at the same time supporting IAPT practitioners with their grievances.

  • Campaign against the use of therapy to get people off benefits and/or back to work.  

  • Change the system whereby starting practitioners have to work unpaid, often with very complex issues and without adequate support.

  • Campaign to defend and extend the provision of open-ended therapy which is free at the point of contact, and where the client can choose their practitioner and modality

  • Support and defend practitioners in disciplinary hearings, and also against bullying and harassment

  • Support and defend therapy against attacks from government and media, and against creeping medicalisation

  • Establish a policy and research unit to develop solid positions on a wide range of issues.

The general and trainee flyers, Navigating a Sea of Change Therapy Today article (Dec 2018), PCU Talking Points and Codes of Practice for Training and Employment can be shared to support therapists and trainees understand PCU's role in standing up for therapists and therapy. Physical copies of the flyer can be requested by emailing pcu.union@gmail.com

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