Statement on AEP rates 2020

Updated: May 26

25th March 2020

It has come to our attention that during the Coronavirus pandemic, some companies that provide therapy through Employee Assistance Plans have advised their counsellors and psychotherapists that they will be reverting to lower pay as therapists are required to work online.

We strongly feel that this is unethical and exploitative of the very professions that are so vital during these distressing times. Not only are these EAPs putting the professional lives and income of therapists under further duress, but they seem impervious to the fact that there will be multiple bereavements during these times for clients and therapists and the workload will very likely become more difficult, not less difficult. We urge EAPs to review their pay scales with urgency.

We are calling on all psychotherapists and counsellors that are experiencing this exploitation to contact PCU, so that we can take action. Please contact

Following PCU’s letter to an AEP, this company have rescinded and are paying the higher face-to-face rate for telephone and video counselling.

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