Psychotherapy and Counselling Union Annual General Meeting Saturday, 25th April 2020 - Zoom Meeting

Updated: Jun 30

Certificates of Attendance can be arranged by emailing

Amendments to Proposals need to be submitted by 22nd April 2020


Join meeting from 9.30 am

9.45 am - 10.00 am: Joining instructions and assistance to get you started

10.00 am – 10.50 am: Welcome and introductions, followed by Reports and Q&A


General Secretary’s Report, Richard Bagnall-Oakeley

Finance Report, Andy Price

Membership Report, Sasha Kaplin

10.50 - 11.00 am: Tea break

11.00 am – 12.00 pm:

Proposals and committee nominations Any matters arising from last year’s minutes.

Voting on Executive Committee Proposals

1. The Executive Committee propose that members ratify: a) the Rule Book, 2020 b) the Members Guidebook, 2020

2. The Executive Committee propose that we pay for the member support co-ordination work by the Membership Secretary as an honorarium. The Executive Committee will calculate the honorarium to ensure it is within the yearly financial budget, subject to yearly review

3. The Executive Committee propose that, to reduce administrative costs, the student/concessionary membership fee of £12 per year is required to be paid as a lump sum, rather than £1/month, starting from 1st May 2020

4. The Executive Committee propose that the wording of the Constitution is ratified as proposed at the 2019 AGM (see accompanying Constitution) that conforms with the 1992 Trade Unions Act, and confirms that PCU is in line with our listed and certificated status. The main changes are where office-bearers are named as: - General Secretary, instead of Chair - Assistant General Secretary instead of Vice-Chair - Membership Secretary instead of Secretary

5. The Executive Committee propose that to make clearer it’s meaning in the Constitution, the word ‘minimum’ is inserted into the statement ‘Members of the Executive Committee shall serve for a two-year term’ to read ‘Members of the Executive Committee shall serve for a minimum two-year term’ (Terms of Office, 6a)

Election of Officers Juliet Lyons is standing as General Secretary

Election of the Executive Committee Richard Bagnall-Oakely, Juliet Lyons, Sasha Kaplin, Andy Price, Audrey West, Reem Shelhi, Victoria Childs, Eleanor Lindlar to remain on the committee.

Stepping down: Maxim Ilyashenko.

Standing for election as new Committee Members: Kris Black, John Goss, Sarah Cantwell, Sana Zehra

12.00 pm–1.00 pm: Andy Price to introduce Truth Legal and their association with PCU Q&A with Truth Legal to discuss your legal rights at work, including impacts of COVID-19 (Please send in your questions in advance to ; we will also be taking questions on the day)

1 pm - 2 pm: Lunch Break (Chat rooms will be open for discussion)

2.00 pm – 4 pm (including 3 pm tea break): In conversation with Susie Orbach Juliet Lyons puts your questions to Susie Orbach (Please send your questions in advance to ; we will also be taking questions on the day)

4.00 pm: Any Other Business

4.30pm: Close

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