PCU Support Process for Members

PCU Support Process for Members

A member seeking support with an individual case usually, though not always, contacts the Union via the contact email, pcu.union@gmail.com

A first phone call is offered to see what kind of support is needed.

On the basis of that, the member is put in touch with a volunteer who is able and available to offer support.

Volunteer supporters are fellow members.

We had a call out for volunteers from the membership last year and currently have teams of people willing to offer their help and experience in areas roughly broken up into three categories- workplace issues, training issues, and complaints/grievances.

At any one time, there is a committee lead available in those areas to help link up a supporter with a member, support the supporter, or offer support themselves.

This loose structure has worked well in the 20 or so cases the union has been involved in since its launch last February.

Member requests for support are treated confidentially by the volunteers directly involved in supporting their case.*

Wider campaigning issues have also been generated from repeating patterns in individual cases.

All PCU members are welcome, and warmly invited, to offer their time and experience as peer volunteer supporters at any time.

Contact pcu.union@gmail.com for further information.

* There are legal implications for the disclosure of particulars in any ongoing dispute.

The committee advises that discussion of individual cases on the googlegroup is not acceptable and that threads will be blocked if necessary.

Kate O'Halloran

On behalf of the interim committee

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