PCU's BLM statement

The Psychotherapy and Counselling Union stands in solidarity with Black Lives Matter and all anti-racist movements around the world. We condemn the brutal murders of George Floyd and countless other Black people, and the racist system that generates this violence.

PCU recognizes racism as a systemic and structural issue which should be central in therapists’ awareness, training and interactions with others, and in all spheres where political, cultural and social forces emerge in individual lives and interactions. Racism is also a trade union issue, as it affects the lives and livelihoods of all working people.

As part of our commitment to anti-racism, we want to get our own house in order first. To do this, we are gathering data on the union's demographics.

Our aim is to be more inclusive, understand how we are or aren’t being inclusive, and how this affects our recruitment and inclusion of members impacted by Afriphobia and other forms of racism. We have also set up a task group against intersectional discrimination, and anti-racism practice is foundational to all our sub-committees.

We are committed to being an anti-racist organization in our thoughts, words and actions. However, we recognize that statements like these are hollow if not followed up with action. We also acknowledge that we may be imperfect in our efforts, and recognize that owning our imperfections can become a defense against making meaningful change. We are open to learning from our mistakes and taking meaningful action.

That said, we commit to hear and act on the voices of members who are impacted by Afriphobia and all other forms of racism. We will actively confront racism in therapy organisations, trainings, workplaces, and our policies and procedures as a union, whether it manifests through acts of commission or omission.

We will more actively support counsellors and psychotherapists affected by racism, and ally ourselves with the wider social and political campaigns and movements resisting racism nationally and globally.

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