PCU Member Feedback

I can’t recommend the PCU highly enough. There is no doubt that in 2017 they saved my self-belief and my career!  In 2017 I faced an extremely upsetting and complex problem at work, being accused of professional wrong-doing.  A total lack of support and bullying by my line manager and senior management left me worn down and doubting myself.   Despite the fact I had not been a member when the incident happened PCU immediately agreed to help me. They offered me unconditional emotional support and practical advice for 6 months.  Without them, I would definitely not have been able to move on and find the strength to find a new counselling and psychotherapy job.  As a result of my experience  I would urge everyone who works as a counsellor and psychotherapist to join the PCU in case, and before, any problems arise - PCU Member 2018.

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