PCU Executive Committee Meeting (by Zoom) 6th September 2020

Present: Juliet, Kris, Audrey, John, Kate, Sana, Sasha, Richard

Apologies: Mike, Eleanor, Andy

1. Minutes of last meeting: Agreed

2. Matters arising: Confirmed that ‘marital status’ will be removed from the monitoring form. Lexis database – Sasha looked into this; too expensive; she will liaise with GFTU re Emplaw. Black Lives matter statement – as Sarah has stepped down, someone else needs to follow up on this

3. Membership report: We have 702 members, 60 in arrears for fees – Admin are chasing this up. 107 new members have joined since April.

4. Finance report: The audit has been completed, but was done late – Andy will raise this with GFTU. Mike has decided that he is overcommitted and not able to take on the Treasurer role – Juliet will do a new call-out to members.

5. Member support: Juliet has been in touch with an employer who had raised concerns/threatened to complain about a member support intervention – she will be meeting them to see if there is anything to be learned. Since July there have been 11 new cases: 4 involving complaints, 6 workplace-related, 1 training-related. We need to develop a simple feedback form for members who have received support, and encourage testimonials to encourage our support work. Sasha will share the draft version with Kris. Need to access GFTU offers of training and clarify what special training our member support volunteers require. Need to call a meeting of member support volunteers to discuss what is needed; Juliet will also talk to Doug at GFTU about what is available

6. G Suite: This has been recommended by GFTU tech support for internal communication – better security, GDPR compliant, free for non-profit orgs. We would need to get a new URL to change over – Kate to check what costs are involved, and set a timescale for changeover. Also discussing upgrading anti-virus software, and database.

7. Social media: Reviewed the draft role description. Confirmed John as Social Media Lead, and Milton as Admin, will be the first point of contact if any issues or complaints arise from social media posts. John and Milton to confer. Key aims of outreach and recruitment. Need to work out guidelines re research requests, sharing publications, ‘netiquette’ etc – look at PCSR’s new guidelines. Noted that we need to clarify budgets for campaigns and ongoing work – discuss at next meeting.

8. Trustees: Juliet to follow up with Andy to seek clarity about the role description so that we can recruit Trustees – agenda for next meeting

9. Truth Legal: Noted the need for regular contact and dialogue with them to keep track of cases and issues arising –agreed to invite a rep from TL to a committee meeting. Noted that the member who was successful in their case re expenses has donated the money to PCU – need to work out a good use for this. Agreed we should invite the member to a cttee meeting to discuss how we can use/publicise their case.

10. Member subgroups: An art therapist has expressed interest in linking with other art therapists in PCU. Noted that this title can be ambiguous – does it include ‘arts psychotherapists’, is it only for those regulated by HCPC?

11. Campaigns: Covid-19 issues – noted the current uncertainty about returning to work; Juliet will write a message to members encouraging them to contact Sasha if they are being pressurised to go back to work, or other related issues.

Paid work subgroup – had an initial meeting, now looking at comparable rates of pay in related fields of work and professions.

Trainees and training subgroup– to meet this week

Intersectional discrimination working group – have had initial meeting, will be focusing on PCU internal issues and producing statements/guidelines.

12. MOU2: Confirmed agreement to sign letter to British Journal of Psychiatry regarding conversion therapy and gender identity issues. Noted the current context of anti-trans lobbying, contributing to doubts whether pending conversion therapy legislation will include trans people, and a current legal case with major implications for young people’s rights to consent to medical treatment (ie Gillick competence).

13. Committee documents: Need to check that the google Drive folder is fully up to date

14. BACP Voting Procedures: Juliet has looked into the possibility of a legal challenge to the way their rules were changed (making it very difficult for member-led motions and resolutions to be passed at AGM). Advised that it is too uncertain of success to justify the expense. Suggested we submit a motion calling for change to their policy – too late for this year but could be done next year.

Next meeting 4th October, 11am-1.30pm

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