PCU Executive Committee meeting 03/05/20

Updated: Jun 30

PCU Executive Committee Meeting (by Zoom) 3rd May 2020

Present: Juliet, Reem, Kris, Richard, Sasha, John, Sana, Audrey, Andy, Sarah, Kate (PCU Admin), Eleanor (joined later)

Apologies: Victoria

1. Introductions: We each spoke about our background experiences and our involvement in the union.

2. PCU Structures: Juliet introduced our organisational structures - the Constitution, Rule Book, Members Guide to Support - and communications (email lists, WhatsApp, google drive/docs folders). Spoke about decision-making processes within the committee consensus and voting. Noted the ongoing evolution of structures and policies.

3. Member involvement: Up to now there have been collaborations with small groups of members on specific issues, but no ongoing subgroups - it would be good to develop these.

4. Committee members and the discussion list: Noted that in the past there has sometimes been confusion about whether committee members were speaking as individuals or on behalf of the committee when posting to the discussion list - important to be mindful of this and clarify when appropriate.

5. AGM Follow-up: Reem to amend the Rule Book as decided at the AGM (replace 'governing bodies; with 'registering bodies'). Kate to ask all attendees whether they are willing for their full name to be recorded in the AGM minutes, or just intials. There is an audio recording of the conversation with Susie Orbach, which a member had asked to share with a non-member. Confirmed that PCU member discussions (including emails) must not be shared outside PCU (need to have clear written policy on this). As we had not obtained prior consent from attendees for recording, we decided that we would not use this recording - important to bear this in mind in future.

6. Fees: Kate will contact members currently paying £1 per month to say that in future we will be seeking an annual £12 payment, renewed on the date of their joining PCU. We will be moving to the Go Cardless direct debit system, initially with new members, and asking all members to pay annually where possible, to reduce admin time/costs.

7. Members's meeting: Noted the enthusiasm and energy at the AGM, agreed we should aim for another members' meeting asap - need to work out aims and format.

8. Committee roles: Andy will be standing down as Treasurer at the end of May - will circulate the role description; someone needs to take this on. Other committee roles could include 'lead' or 'coordinator' roles for trainees, social media, campaigns, other areas? Secretary role to cover minute-taking, managing PCU documents, newsletter, etc. These are new roles, which have not yet been clearly defined - need to discuss further and work out areas of interest and commitment across the new committee.

Next meeting Sunday 10th May 11am

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