PCU Committee Meeting 27/4/19

PCU Committee Meeting 27/4/19

Present: Richard Bagnall-Oakeley, Victoria Childs, Sasha Kaplin, Juliet Lyons, Andrew Price, Kate Shayler

Apologies: Viviane Carneiro, Jane Clements, Phil Cox, Robbie Lockwood, Milton Satler

1. Matters Arising

a) GDPR – we need to look at the procedures we have adopted and make sure that we can follow them. This should go out at the AGM

2. New Committee

a) Standing down at the moment: Robbie, Viviane, Phil and Lou

b) Sasha taking over as Membership Secretary from Jane. She will be the first contact for members and be responsible for collecting the data that goes with that

c) Milton and Kate would prefer not to be on the Executive Committee

d) 4 members have contacted the EC about standing. We will extend the applications for another week and Richard to announce again about this

e) Posts to be applied and voted for after the AGM, at the first EC meeting.

f) Names of posts will need to be changed in line with our listed status and our constitution will need to be changed in line with this. We would have a 12 month consultation on changes to the constitution. The amendments could be ratified at the 2020 AGM.

g) Richard will stand for Chair, which after the AGM if our listed status is ratified, will become General Secretary

h) Juliet wants to remain on the committee, but will most probably not be secretary

i) This will be Andy’s last year as Treasurer, so he needs to find someone who he can work with this year and train up

j) We have a space for the social media lead on the committee, since Viviane is leading

3. Casework Handbook

a) Juliet to ask AEP if we can adopt this and customise.

b) Should we specify that we do not work with ‘conversion’ therapists? Hopefully the statement on our website should be enough

c) This will be launched at the AGM and under consultation for 12 months

4. Listing

a) We will have a consultative vote for all members prior to the AGM, that we can take to the AGM. Discussion on how to word the questions neutrally

b) Richard will put out the podcast that Juliet and Andy have made

c) The committee do not want to have a long discussion about this at the AGM. We are asking members to ratify this

5. AGM

a) Agenda:

i) To be sent out by Richard next weekend with links to proposals and reports

ii) Announce – Proposals: listing and the implications of this - rule book, changes in constitution and EC posts. Benevolent fund

b) Workshop:

i) Phil to be asked to introduce the 2 members that have received support from PCU. They will talk about their experiences followed by a Q and A

ii) Truth Legal to introduce themselves followed by Q and A

c) Afternoon AGM:

i) Welcome to members and new members.

ii) Andy and Victoria to give a 10 minute history of PCU. Andy has a powerpoint. Victoria to expand on this for 2020 AGM.

iii) We will need a projector, preferably with a sound system – Kate to look into this

iv) Introduce new documents - GDPR policy. Handbook. Rule book. All to be ratified at the 2020 AGM

v) Exploring partnership with GFTU.

d) Reports

i) Membership (currently 531 members) – Sasha, Kate and Milton will put this together between them.

ii) Treasurer

iii) Chair

e) Proposals:

i) Listing and the implications of this - rule book, changes in constitution and EC posts

ii) Benevolent fund

f) Election of Committee

g) Certificates of attendance for CPD – Milton and Kate to look into this. Can be emailed to attendees

h) Minutes to be taken by Kate or Milton as Juliet won’t be there

6. Truth Legal

a) We are funding the assessment of a current member because this is a political case

b) A representative of Truth Legal will come to our AGM

7. Publicity:

a) Member suggested PCU cards – we could do this – possibly for the AGM

b) Victoria to go 6thMay to Chesterfield – John McDonnell speaking. Will bring PCU banner and leaflets. Then to Orgreave Truth and Justice, Manchester. Will liaise with the press

8. Equality and Diversity:

a) We would like to develop an equalities questionnaire to be filled out by members when they join

b) Sasha could also ask and take note of disability/gender/race when she talks to members on the phone

c) After AGM, we would like to set up a working group on this

9. PCU structures and GFTU (General Federation of Trade Unions)

a) Juliet has been exploring the GFTU might help us move forward in terms of our procedures and structures

b) We will announce that we are exploring a partnership with the GFTU at our AGM

c) The committee put to Juliet many questions to ask Doug Nichols, General Secretary of the GFTU.

d) Committee members would like to go to the GFTU conference, 19th-21stMay. Juliet will explore to see if several committee members can go.

e) Victoria to also explore with Cross Roads their structures and how to keep PCU grass roots.

f) Richard will contact Robbie regarding United Voices to enquire also about their structures

g) GFTU could also help us on Insurance issues

10. Insurance

a) Sasha has been doing some research into organisational insurance. She has spoken with Oxygen and various other schemes and has reported to the committee on this. She will get quotes from these insurance companies

11. Membership

a) Kate reported this as currently 531

b) Auditing -  Juliet looked at the membership audit and signed this as true and correct as between January 1st2018 – 31stDecember 2018

12. Treasury Report

a) Our auditors are BHP chartered accountants

b) We have an income of £17,627 through subs and we have spent £9961.47, so a surplus of £7665.53 and around £19,000 in total

c) New accounting period January – December

d) The audit is on track for submission in June. Originally the auditors asked for 3.5 years, but now Andy thinks that only one year could be needed as we have only just become listed. This would save money

e) The accounts balance

f) Kate and Andy are working on putting together a monthly return which should help the process

g) After the AGM, we should have a review of student memberships, as some may have qualified

h) Kate and Milton are working on subs reminders and are trying to catch up with this

i) We need to do an audit of what we own (laptops, phones etc) – Jane has a phone. Milton has Andy’s old phone

13. Campaigns

a) We need to clarify our processes around how we chose which campaigns to support. Currently, suggestion is for the EC to make the final decision. But this needs to be made clearer in our Constitution

14. Address

a) Kate looking into a PO box.

b) We will need to change our address as Jane has stepped down

15. Trustees

a) Need to discuss the potential creation of Trustees post AGM

16. Next Meeting:to be arranged by the new committee after the AGM

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