PCU Committee Meeting 27/1/19

Present: Richard Bagnall-Oakeley, Viviane Carneiro, Victoria Childs, Jane Clements, Sasha Kaplin, Juliet Lyons, Andrew Price, Milton Sattler, Kate Shayler

Apologies: Phil Cox, Robbie Lockwood

1. Matters Arising

a) GDPR – still need a statement on website (Andy has this in draft form). Jamie also has a GDPR statement, so to liaise with Viviane and Andy

b) Discussion about how deleting members contacts if no longer a member

c) We need a Cookies message on website

2. Administrators

a) Welcome to Milton Sattler and Kate Shayler, the new administrators.

b) Milton is leading on social media; Kate on finance

3. Listing as a Trade Union

a) The committee would like to broaden the conversation with more members – we will organise a members meeting where this can be openly discussed.

b) 2nd March as a possibility – Kate and Milton to look into venue and possibility of skype

c) We will put the rules out for consultation and a written submission regarding listing

d) The AGM will be a chance for members to vote on the matter

e) There is consensus with the committee for listing

f) Juliet looked into alternative structures (a co-operative society, companies house), but each structure comes with its own set of rules that has to adhere to a legal act.

g) There is one member working on all aspects of the rules

h) It costs £150 to be listed and we would need to conform to the 1992 Trade Unions Act

i) To become an Independent Trade Union (independent from employers) would cost £4000. If we were to do this, we could apply to be part of the TUC.

j) We do not want members to conflate these two matters (being listed and being Independent). We will communicate this with members

k) The committee would like the conversation to continue between our members and ourselves, but feel that we should move it from the google group to the website, as members have privately expressed distress over the tone of the discussions

4. Committee Structure

a) Agreed that we would like to open the committee out to a maximum of 20, where we could have committee members working in pairs on particular matters and we could also have regional reps (in the future)

5. AGM

a) Possible date 18thMay.

b) Milton and Kate to research venues

c) Possibility of live streaming at the AGM

d) We would like to increase the committee membership at the AGM

e) Victoria would like to present with a panel – ‘Why do therapists need a trade union?’ incorporating a history of trade unions

f) Possible presentation from Truth Legal

g) We need 21 to attend

h) We could ask our membership about live streaming

i) Half a page advert for the AGM. Juliet to send last year’s to Andy

6. Publicity:

a) Member suggested PCU cards – we could do this – possibly for the AGM

b) BACP student event

i. Although expensive, the committee thought that the benefits of reaching students would be expediential

ii. 6x2 table, 4 staff members

iii. Print Codes of Practice for this; cards; t-shirts

iv. Milton to find out about merchandise from Amnesty International

7. Equality and Diversity:

a) Policy statement no further. We are wondering if we could look to Aashna for help with this and perhaps those been involved in the East London Group recently

b) Joint even between PCSR, PCU and BAATN at Aashna, 3rdMay 2019

8. Link with PCSR

a)  PCSR had asked whether with them we might offer joint membership to both organisations at a reduced price – to explore further with PCSR – perhaps a proposal from them

9. Website:

a) Jamie went through the new website features

b) News is public, notices are for members

c) All committee members have access

d) Jamie currently holds the registration and Jane is the administrator

e) Jamie to liaise with Truth Legal to connect up

f) Features – the website will create a database; create invoices; tasks related to members; you can create a payment system; you can add events

g) Jamie will take down the old calendar, as it is on a different system

h) Because of cost, it was agreed that the new admins, Milton and Kate could haveemail addresses to be linked to the website.

i)  Agreement that big discussions initiated by the committee might be better on the forums

j) About 80 members are signed up to the website so far. We could send out a mass email to encourage members to sign up to the website

k) Committee will start a forum on the website regarding being a listed Trade Union

l) There is a PCU website app to give quick access to the website from your mobile phone

m) There is a new system being designed for the members map

10. SCoPEd:

a) Committee think members doing a good job with this

11. Newsletter:

a) Juliet nearly done

12. Next Meeting: to be arranged

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