PCU Committee Meeting 27/1/18

PCU Committee Meeting 27/1/18

Present (in person): Richard Bagnall-Oakeley, Jane Clements, Phil Cox, Juliet Lyons, Andrew Price, Viviane Carneiro, Robbie Lockwood

Apologies: Victoria Childs, Jamie Crabb

  1. State Regulation Phil summarised the current situation regarding HSPC and PSA. It was agreed that the committee would like to take a poll on members’ views; inform members more fully about the current situation; phone calls to ask for member’s views on regulation; Richard to contact Andrew Samuels regarding a potential link with the Alliance

  2. AGM - 5th May 2018

  3. a) The committee need to inform members about this as soon as possible to save the date for the AGM, then let members know the running order of the day and procedures for those who wish to stand for the committee. There is a timescale in the Constitution that we need to be mindful of. The committee would like to increase the number of members on the committee and will appeal to members for this.

  4. b) Discussion about a possible complaints workshop on the day of the AGM. Phil is looking for support with this

  5. c) We will need members to formally ratify Victoria’s Committee membership at the AGM

  6. d) Discussion about whether minor changes to the wording of the Codes of Practice (Juliet and Jamie) and a possible Code of Practice for Private Practitioners should be brought to the AGM. Juliet will circulate for the committee and consult with Nick Totton on this. We would like to make it more evident that PCU includes supporting the self-employed.

  7. Diversity Richard and Juliet to meet with Eugene from BAATN. They will ask Eugene about his views on an ‘empty chair’ on the committee for a lead on diversity and inclusion to be filled by an ‘expert from experience’. Robbie will also contact Kris on the matter.

  8. Campaigns

  9. a) Unpaid work - Richard is talking with Martin Pollecoff about changes in policies, considering the questions of what a change would mean for trainees and employees. Thoughts about how to work with MP - suggestion to let him know about our Codes of Practice; have a link on PCU and UKCP website to each other’s campaigns and make it clear if our stances align; Suggestions regarding contacting Unions (Unison and Unite) in the NHS regarding unpaid work. Agreement that we need to find useful contacts - the google list may be a source of contacts. Andy has a contact that he will get in touch with. Suggestion that Jamie could mention this campaign during his part of the online talk.

  10. b) School Counselling - Richard will also talk with UKCP about the Green Paper that the Government have released on Mental Health in Schools. PCU would like to link with other bodies regarding this and further research the matter.

  11. Recruitment Drive

  12. A call-out to members who are trainees and members involved in training to be actively involved in recruiting; we will need promotional material; we will need to target training organisations through members. The Union could also contact training bodies and teaching staff and Student Union reps. An email needs to be composed: who we are and about our campaign against unpaid work

  13. Again, we would like to make membership for trainees free. This will be brought to the AGM

  14. Publicity We are thinking about using a professional designer for the website and promotional material. Viviane has a contact. In particular she will contact him about promotional material for trainees. We considered a slogan relevant to this: ‘Have a Voice to Help Shape the Future of Therapy’.

  15. Member Involvement

  16. Richard will post ‘how to get involved’ on the website

  17. Part of the ‘call-out’ - for anyone who has experience in publicity and promoting; can provide member support; build links with other bodies. Andy and Viviane volunteered to be the contacts for this call out.

  18. Andy will organise a meet up with 6 members in the North West

  19. Viviane and Jamie to make a page for the web - they are meeting to work this out

  20. A member with experience of telephone campaigns has volunteered to make telephone calls to our members to get some feedback from members, and also let them know what we are doing as a Union. We could specifically request for her to ask trainees to help out with promotion for the unpaid work campaign. Suggestion to pay this member £10/hour. Viviane is meeting this member shortly and will discuss with her our proposal. Questions about how she will collect responses and feed this back to us. Jane will need to be linked in with this and will have a three-way skype with Viviane and this member. Richard will let members know about this as part of his call-out email. Viviane to liaise with this member regarding the length of each phone call and phone costs. As a guide, Nick and Kate set up a system that there would be 6 hours work for every 100 members.

  21. Member Support An email group to be created for members involved in this to be in touch with each other. Jane will put this together.

  22. Contact LIst and Library Juliet putting organisations contact list together. She will ask PCSR - Nick Davis about this. Suggestion of a links library on the website. Jamie and Viviane are looking into this, part of changes that may come into place after they have finished looking into changing the website platform.

  23. Link with other organisations

  24. a) Pink Therapy Phil is speaking at Pink Therapy in March. Richard may also go. Request for Phil to set up a meeting to look at a link with Pink Therapy and PCU - on website; to bring promotional material; space on our website for them; generally open a dialogue

  25. b) Suggestion to email everyone on Counsellors Directory

  26. What kind of legal entity are we? Question about how we are viewed by the bank and for future invoices. We need to check this and possibly ask Kate and Nick. We also need a PO box; also to think about Data Protection - format of notes minimal. Suggestion of a workshop on Data Protection.

  27. Contacting PSA and HCPC - Phil is in touch with the Chair of the PSA and will continue conversations with her.

Next committee meeting – to be arranged

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