PCU AGM Saturday 5th May 2018 & free workshop

All PCU members are warmly invited to the PCU AGM to be held on Saturday 5th May 2018 from 10am to 5pm at Resource For London, Holloway Road, London N7.

There will be a free workshop open to members and non-members Mapping transferences in complaints procedure: The shadow of therapeutic work from 10am to 1pm (see details below) and the AGM will be held from 2pm to 5pm. Please let Jane know if you will be attending the workshop, the AGM or both by e-mail: pcu.union@gmail.com

The AGM has to have one-tenth of the membership or 21 members, whichever is less to go ahead on this date. As there are approx. 335 current members, at least 21 members will need to be in attendance. Fuller details about the AGM for members can be found on our AGM events forum where as a member you are invited to post/discuss AGM related comments, thoughts and ideas https://pandcunion.ning.com/pcuevents/agm2018

Workshop 10am - 1pm - open to members and non-members

Mapping transferences in complaints procedures: The shadow of therapeutic work - Philip Cox and Robin Shohet

In this interactive workshop, we will look at all the stakeholders involved in a complaint and how they interact in ways that might not be useful. We aim to experientially highlight how the interactions serve different and sometimes contradictory needs within the system, and how mapping this out can lead to working in a way that is less adversarial and more humane.

Complaints contain a transformative seed. People don’t generally complain about something they don’t care about. Beneath the surface torrent of complaining lies a hidden river of our caring. We and the professional registration bodies could treat complaints as a doorway to deeper commitments. The language of complaints tells us what we can’t stand. The language of commitment tells us what we stand for (Kegan & Lahey, Immunity to Change, 2009).

The PCU is committed to change how complaints are worked with, and how to support professionals complained against. The underlying philosophy is that by standing up for therapists we are standing up for clients.

In this workshop, our aim is to explore and understated the forces at work in us, in our professions and how they may reflect in wider society as a whole, ways that relationships break down. What are the unconscious dynamics at work? What might be the feelings, unmet needs and values that have not had a voice? How can we embrace uncertainty, humility and being human in a way that will help us to move towards a more compassionate, systemic view in the face of inevitable challenges? (Shohet, 2017).

The PCU Committee: Richard Bagnall-Oakeley, Viviane Carneiro, Victoria Childs, Jane Clements, Phil Cox, Jamie Crabb, Robbie Lockwood, Juliet Lyons, Andy Price

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