PCU AGM Minutes

Updated: May 26

PCU Annual General Meeting Minutes - 18th May 2019

Present: Andy Price, Sasha Kaplin, Richard Bagnall-Oakley, Milton Sattler, Kate Shayler, Jeff Lane, Reem Shelhi, Eleanor Lindlar, Kris Black, Philip Cox, Janet Tolan, Mandy Brewster, Kirti Lawrence, Lucy Watt, Thelma Matthews, Richard Lawton, Clare Suart, Audrey West, Andrew Gray (Truth Legal).

Apologies: Ali Bushell, Andrew Brett, Ruth Jones, Deirdre Haslam, Jane Clements, Juliet Lyons, Vivian Carneiro, Cat Chappell, Chris Robertson, Penny Rawson, Andy Curtis, Gavin Robinson, Val Parks, Max Ilyashenko, Victoria Childs, Shelley Assiter, Shammi Kohli (attended workshop), Kerrie Hipgrave (attended workshop).

AGM led by the Committee:

Andy Price (Treasurer)

Sasha Kaplin (Membership Secretary)

Richard Bagnall-Oakley (Chair)

1. Introductions - members introduced themselves.

a. It was noted that the meeting wasn’t quorate - with less than 21 in attendance, so decisions aren’t binding according to the constitution. Executive Committee have 2 months to arrange another General Meeting.

2. Chair’s report, presented by Richard Bagnall-Oakeley (sent previously). Presentation and discussion:

a. Showed results on the online vote (sent previously).

b. Discussion had about the number of members voting, how to improve member engagement.

c. Richard thanked those stepping down from the committee, and welcomed those joining Reem Shelhi, Andrew Brett, Eleanor Lindlar, Maxim Ilyashenko, Jayne Crowter, Audrey West - which takes the Committee to 11 members.

3. Finance Report, presented by Andy Price (sent previously). Presentation and discussion included:

a. The need to continue increasing member recruitment.

b. Committee exploring possible benefits of joining the GFTU, rather than TUC.

c. Discussion had on the affordability of membership fees, whether a sliding scale, or a newly qualified fee should be introduced. What do members get for their fees if they are self-employed especially.

d. Need to develop a legal fund in future.

e. Wish to employ the administrators.

4. Membership Report, presented by Sasha Kaplin (sent previously). Presentation and discussion included:

a. Possible need to collect newly qualified data when members join.

b. Questions around long-term plans to pay member support volunteers.

c. Discussion around what qualifies as ‘therapist’ in order to join the PCU.

d. Plans to begin collecting equality data.

5. Thanks to the Committee - Janet Tolan wanted to thank the committee for their hard work and wanted it minuted which was agreed by the rest of the members present.

6. AGM Minutes 2018 - Janet Tolan proposes, seconded by Andy Price - to adopt last years AGM minutes.

a. No matters arising from last year’s minutes.

7. The Executive Committee propose that as of today, the Constitution specifies that proposals will be voted for at the AGM with majority voting and therefore the words ‘two-thirds’ are removed from 7bii in the constitution: ‘For the proposal to pass, it must receive a (two-thirds- omitted) majority of the votes of those voting, postal/electronic votes being allowed’.

a. Motion passed with two-thirds majority 14 for, 2 against, 1 abstention. All subsequent proposals will be decided on the basis of majority voting.

8. The Executive Committee propose that as of today, members accept the current status of the Psychotherapy and Counselling Union as Listed, according to the 1992 Trade Union Act

a. Online consultative ballot presented: 144 For, 3 Against, 11 Abstain which made up 30% of members.

b. Motion passed 17 for, 1 against.

9. Executive Committee propose that members accept the following as we voted for remaining a Listed Trade Union.

a. the revised Constitution as a working document to be amended and ratified at the PCU AGM, 2020. Motion passed: 14 For, 1 abstain.

b. the Rule Book as a working document to be amended, and ratified at the PCU AGM, 2020. Motion passed: 14 for, 1 abstain

c. the Handbook as a working document to be amended, and ratified at the PCU AGM, 2020. Motion passed: 14 for, 1 abstain.

10. Proposed by Lucy Watt, Seconded by Andrew Price - Benevolent Fund (sent previously):

a. to establish a working party to explore how the PCU can provide some sort of benevolent fund or income protection insurance scheme for its members and to lobby the Government to regulate the insurance industry better, and to change the benefits system so that self-employed people have access to sick pay and income related Employment and Support Allowance.

b. Motion passed unanimously.

11. Nominations of the Executive Committee (sent previously)

a. Reem Shelhi, Andrew Brett, Eleanor Lindlar, Maxim Ilyashenko, Jayne Crowter, Audrey West. All accepted unanimously.

b. The General Secretary should be the current Chair, Richard Bagnall-Oakley accepted unanimously.

12. No other business

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