Partners for Counselling and Psychotherapy (PCP)

The Union is part of the new partnership constituted by seven organisations from across the counselling and psychotherapy profession, to work together to challenge the dominant discourse from our professional bodies.

Just 5.1% of 48,000 BACP members voted in the 2019 round of motions and resolutions. This indicates that either counsellors and psychotherapists are disinterested in their own work, or that there is a profound sense of powerlessness throughout our profession. This estrangement has allowed the two largest professional bodies to steer our profession into outdated and harmful ideologies.

When the UKCP and BACP announced their intention to create an All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG), they were told by a member of the House of Lords that not only do they not have the power to do so, but that they had totally misunderstood the entire process.

For some time, our 7 organisations had been attempting to speak with the BACP and UKCP to alert them to our members’ dissatisfaction at their increasing distance from the many and growing concerns of ordinary counsellors and psychotherapists. Our concerns were politely but consistently dismissed.

Our dismay at the BACP and UKCP’s inability to reflect on their confusion and loss of face around their misguided APPG project, allied with their very public loss of control of debates around the Scope of Practice and Education project (SCoPEd) and alarmingly poor voter turnout, has united our 7 organisations.

We oppose BACP, UKCP and BPC’s inept attempts to form an all-party parliamentary group that purposefully and categorically excludes other professional bodies and interested parties.

We also oppose SCoPEd, which has been developed without proper consultation, is based on questionable evidence, and fails to properly reflect or direct the profession.

We continue to request that the BACP and UKCP meet with us and open their discussions to cultivate a future for counselling and psychotherapy that works for counsellors, psychotherapists, clients and society.

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