Minutes from Committee Meeting, 29.1.17

MINUTES for PCU Committee Meeting

Sunday 29th Jan, 2017, 5-7pm

Present: Nick Totton, Kate O'Halloran, Jane Clements, Philippa Marx, Phil Cox, Richard Bagnall-Oakeley

Apologies: Polly Singer, Andrew Price, Keith Barber

AGENDA for Committee Meeting

Sunday 29.1.17 5-7pm

Check in. Inc where various projects are up to

1. Immediate concerns:

Supporting the transition/evolution of committee Inc roles, including admin AGM planning Uses of the google group/social media

2. Ongoing concerns:

Member participation and decision making Transparency on Committee Purpose of Union Where are we in relation to campaigning on Workfare

Any Other Business



Many of the points in "ongoing concerns" intersected with the main agenda items, and were discussed as part of them.

1. Supporting the transition/ evolution of the committee

What needs to happen to ensure a transition/continuation.

Discussion about committee roles, what is needed constitutionally, and ideally.

The bare minimum of roles to be constitutional: Chair, Secretary, Treasurer.

To be functional: A minimum of 8 people needed, ideally 12.

Some uncertainties and doubts as to whether the union will be able to continue.

4 present committee members intending to stand.

How to communicate committee business to encourage members to stand. (This also took in the Transparency, and participation item of the agenda.) Suggestions for directly approaching members re standing.

What shape has this committee formed? Might it be different from how the new exec committee chooses to organise.

Agreed useful to have some kind of summary/suggestions for a new committee, and for the membership to see.

Nick is now working on a draft of this.

Reminder needs to be sent re deadlines for nominations and proposals.

Reminded ourselves of 2 different kinds of motion, proposals which fall within the constitution, and proposals which change it. Different proportions of vote in each.

Richard is working on a draft to remind members of the need for new people to stand for the committee.

The need to appoint a new admin person as Kate stepping down.

Agreed to ask membership in the first instance.

Possibility of having to appoint from outside.

Kate to post job outline on discussion group.

1 b) AGM planning.

Too early to know what the shape will be.

Will definitely include a summary of what has happened so far, and of projects achieved and/or underway.

Whatever happens, there should be a party!

Nick has previously suggested a room above a local pub.

Nick to resend the link.

Richard to check it out.

1 c) Uses of the google group/social media.

Focussed on concern that discussion group not the best place for union business/campaigns/decisions. Also, new members have no way to find out what's happening.

Discussed Andrew's suggestion, of a third space, for projects and business, but concerns about replicating the discussion group.

How to encourage use of the space that the ning currently offers. Might this mean changing/suspending the google group, even temporarily?

Agreed that this would need a whole membership decision if proposed/seconded.

Committee to continue discussing this.

This agenda item took in issues of committee-membership communication and transparency. What structures to use for this.

Kate to add new page on the ning, for notices, where minutes, etc can be permanently held and accessed by members. This will be separate from the existing News page, which is public access. What to call the page? (Jane likes "the thing on the ning")

Social media: should this be a committee role, for ease and consistency of communication?

Acceptance that many decisions will be for the new committee to make.

2 Ongoing concerns.

Purpose: what differentiates us as a union from, say, PCSR?

Acknowledgment of overlapping concerns (and members) but also the differences. Primarily- the Union exists to stand up for therapists, for its members.

This was felt to be a matter of emphasis, and also energy and capacity.

Where is it, for example, better to add our name to existing campaigns, where the main input is not directly from us, and where to focus our own main efforts.

This overlapped with a question about what had happened to a member's letter to Mind re Workfare. How did this connect to, say, campaigns organised by the Alliance.

Ongoing projects:

Nick talked about the next step for The Codes of Practice.

He is compiling email addresses of placement providers for the codes to be sent to.

Needs support with this.

A press release on this will be drafted (with help from Katie, from the media group on the day of the conference)

Finish and goodbyes.

Next committee meeting:

Set for Sunday, 12 March, 5-7pm

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