Minutes of the committee meeting 11/6/17

Committee Meeting 11/6/17

Present (by Skype): Richard Bagnall-Oakeley, Viviane Carneiro, Jane Clements, Jamie Crabb, Juliet Lyons, Andrew Price

1. Recruitment Drive – Richard will finish off the crib sheet to offer to members

2. Facebook – Jane to send her Facebook details to Viviane to put her on as admin

3. PCU leaflets – Jane has printed the new leaflets and will send to several committee members

4. Linking with PCSR – outstanding. Viviane has offered to take this forward with Richard – to raise this with PCSR steering group

5. Workplace Support – asking members to be available for this work, so that we can build a pool of volunteers. This letter needs redrafting a bit before going out, but is pending. Richard to finish.

6. UEA update – do we want to campaign more broadly about course closures? Currently, NICE guidelines are being changed, revealing even more bias towards short-term therapies. Should we be communicating more with BACP and UKCP? An idea to put together a document/leaflet to highlight the issues. It would be good to ask members about whether they would like to be involved in a wider campaign around these issues.

7. Codes of Practice – Jamie reported that Nick has put together a lot of helpful ideas on moving this forward. Andy is volunteering for the next steps. It makes sense to focus on this more after the Summer, in September.

8. Suggestion for a 38 degrees type of mind map for the ning – ‘these are the issues, where would you like to go with them? What should we prioritise?’

9. Regional membership map – Jamie leading on this with Jane. Jamie will put this on the ning with the committee on the map and ask members for feedback on this idea. Jamie pointed out that he has discovered a simple process for this where a spreadsheet can be used to enter the data. He will link with Jane on this. Jamie thought that this map would sit best on top of the groups area. Time scale of this?

10. Jane would like more involvement from the committee in encouraging people to be active

11. Membership Criteria – agreement that we can stick with what is written in the constitution and that if there are any individual concerns, these can be discussed within the committee. Agreement that asking for information on training courses on the leaflet is useful data nevertheless.

12. Newsletter –committee members to send information to Jane, so that she can finish this off

13. Awareness Centre – Jamie reported that the colleagues that he is liaising with regarding the Awareness Centre are currently doing assessments and will talk again with colleagues mid-July, with a push forward in the Autumn. This ties in with more work to be done on the codes of practice, which will come into focus again in the Autumn.

14. Domain names and email addresses – Richard to arrange to set up an appropriate email address for himself as Chair. Juliet to help if necessary.

15. Training. Juliet and Viviane have been in touch with Elizabeth Cotton who could offer some training to the committee, but also something to membership as well. Juliet and Viviane are meeting Elizabeth on July 12th (to be confirmed) to explore this further. Trainings potentially for October/November with possible CPD certificate. Request to ask Elizabeth about ACASS registration for training courses and models of working as a Union. Viviane mentioned the following conference: Exploring the Dynamics of Complaints - Supervision Conference

Venue: CCPE - Beauchamp Lodge, London Paddington Thursday 6 July 2017 Cost: £60

Viviane will probably go to this. Others can’t make it.

16. Juliet will be away 14th July – 7th August.

17. Viviane wanted to clarify what to post on the google list – whether to keep this boundaried to counselling and therapy issues.

18. Jane to contact the two individuals that offered help at the AGM

19. Jamie will send around the doodle poll to organize future dates for committee meetings.

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