Minutes of PCU Skype Meeting 1st September 2019

Updated: Oct 9, 2019

Present: Richard Bagnall Oakeley, Maxim Ilyashenko, Sasha Kaplin, Juliet Lyons, Reem Shelhi, Audrey West 

Apologies: Eleanor Lindlar, Andrew Price

Committee Document - Shared Document:

Revisiting who might do what as this wasn’t clarified during the last meeting.  The question of how to encourage members to speak out more was also raised.  

Richard proposed setting up a committee document to help us keep track with actions and decisions.  Juliet wondered if we are duplicating work given that much information is recorded in the Minutes. Richard said that the additional documents would address and capture the activates that take place in-between meetings so that members can be up to date on projects and achievements.

Action: Reem will create draft ‘shared document’ to upload on to Google. This is separate from Minutes in that it is an internal documents.  

Google permissions to be sorted out

Action:   Juliet to speak to Kate

It is important for the longevity of the union that things are passed on and that new committee members know what we’re doing and how we’re doing it and where to find documents etc.   

Action: Juliet to send a folder to all the committee members. This will contain all the documents that she thinks are relevant to the new committee members and these would then be uploaded on to the Google Drive.

Follow-Upper’ & Transitional Phase to new Committee Members:  

Richard said that in the last meeting in July, Juliet suggested that she might take on the role of follow-upper so that the PCU Committee can stay on track with task progress etc.  However, Juliet has lots of commitments and is finding it difficult to engage at the moment and after 2.5 years feels that she needs to pull back a little. 


Having a regular Newsletter was also discussed. The last Newsletter was done by Juliet - there is a format – it came out in October 2018.  

Action: Juliet will circulate the letter and ask who wants to do the next one.

Projects & the discussion about distribution of work on Committee

What people are prepared to take on, capacity.  Richard stated that all the committee members do not have to engage in everything that we are doing, we can do what we are capable of and what we are motivated by.  

Activities within PCU.

Richard informed the group that he had a meeting with the with Association of Family Therapists.  

Andy Price has highlighted the need for someone to prepare to take over as treasurer when he steps down next year. If no committee member can do it we should appeal to members.

Audrey pointed out that Richard is doing more of the hands-on jobs and perhaps we need to think of creating a clear description of what people in the committee are up to.  Richard said that the committee open document and a document of action the Union has taken can then be the foundation of a Newsletter. No decision as to what would be most suitable at this stage.

Richard to follow up Benevolent support fund – tba

The placement campaign: Has its own momentum and does not need to discuss at the moment.

The unpaid work campaign: tba


Sasha raised the issue of the insurance documents and expressed urgency in putting them in place.  We need to create a health and safety policy and an accident book and a risk assessment of some kind – General Federation of Trade Unions (GFTU) the General Secretary will be coming to the next meeting.  Action: We need to have some questions ready for them re advantages & limitations if PCU becomes a member organisation.  How much can they help us tailor generic documents and make them to our purpose rather than for any old union.

Juliet proposed a call out to members for help with the insurance policy documents and it was agreed that this would be helpful.  

All Party Parliamentary Group 

Discussed recent letters and communications between the ‘Big Three’ (UKCP,BACP and BPC) and the group of signatories to letters re the proposed APPG. Agreed that Richard should contact all the signatories and suggest a meeting to discuss next steps, aims and how we work together.


Victoria had objected to the current expenses policy, which only covers childcare by registered childminders, not by family members or friends (who may be more suitable as they know the child). We wondered what the auditors’ requirements are, and what other organisations do to address this issue – more clarification needed from Andy, and from Victoria

BACP – Online abuse 

Richard has had contact with a union member regarding an open letter to BACP regarding personalised abuse on their social media, regarding the SCoPEd Resolution

Member support and Truth Legal

We discussed the criteria for committee members to use our access to Truth Legal’s reduced rates, to assist in member support cases.

Action: Richard suggested that Sacha check with Truth Legal.  Juliet suggested it might worth consulting the rule book and in particular the document from The Association of Educational Psychologists who have a procedures book. They offer guidance on boundaries. – how and where legal advice will be offered and how to distinguish between internal and external help?

AGM 2020

Setting a date for next year’s AGM would be good so that we can be clear about what we are building towards.  Provisionally 25th April 2020?  Action: Richard to propose some dates.  He will email the committee list and take it from there.

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