Minutes of Interim Committee Meeting, 12.3.17

MINUTES from PCU Committee Meeting Sunday 12th March 5-7pm

Present: Nick Totton, Kate O'Halloran, Richard Bagnall-Oakeley, Andrew Price, Philip Cox, Jane Clements, Keith Barber

Apologies: Polly Singer, Philippa Marx

The agenda for the meeting was as follows:

AGENDA: Committee meeting Sunday 12th March, 5-7pm

Check in. 1. AGM planning 2. Draft suggestions for new committee 3. Prevent follow up. 4. Any other business Finish.

1. AGM planning. We agreed that an agenda for the AGM will aim to handover the second part of the day to the incoming executive committee. Timing around this will be flexible. Agenda to include: where we're up to reports and financial reports matters arising message from AUE (see *) Reports from CSW bill, MWA campaign, Codes of Practice Invitation for 5min reports from members, on any union involvement. Transition to the new committee. Visions for the future. Kate to make an agenda, send out with a reminder to book, plus attachments of the reports, by 15th (weds.) Also to include an invite to celebrate afterwards at the pub, The Coronet.

*We talked about the possible contribution from Hayley, of AUE. She is unable to come in person. It was agreed that a written message, to be shared at the meeting would be useful Kate to contact, and ask specifically about the process of certification, breakdown of costs, timings, etc. We talked briefly of links with other Unions, noted that AUE is intending to arrange a meeting of small unions. Richard to follow up a contact with United Workers of the World.

We noted that the AGM would need to refer any decisions voted on back to the membership, as no formal motions have been proposed within the published timescale.

2. Suggestions for the New Committee. Richard to circulate the doc (drafted by Nick) to the new committee, re suggestions for roles and functions. Further, the following suggestions emerged, to be incorporated into the existing suggestions: - to encourage regional and local meetings, at which a committee member could be invited along to speak - focus on building membership (maybe add a portfolio specifically for increasing membership growth) -following up with BACP (Andrew still working on this) -possibility of using mail outs and facebook to contact BACP members - encourage member led campaigns - focus on campaigns around our core issues (as a union)- terms and conditions for counsellors and psychotherapists -as the union develops, look into independent verification of accounts in the future. - strong recommendation that the new exec work out a procedure for deciding to sign up to linked campaigns/organisations- based on how closely they match our stated aims

...which leads on to...

3. Prevent. Following a member support case, it was suggested at his meeting that PCU sign up as a supporting organisation to the Together Against Prevent campaign. A mix of organisations are already signed up, including NUS, and their stated aims match closely with ours, to campaign against government interference in therapy. Committee members who haven't looked at this to check out the website: www.togetheragainstprevent.org This will probably be a decision for the new committee, but this meeting was strongly in favour.

Any other business. Nick is intending to create a link for our logo, so that members can show their union membership on their site, and link to ours Kate to share logo jpg with both committees.

Finish and goodbyes.

This was the last meeting of the Interim Committee.

The next meeting will be of the new Executive Committee, date and time to be confirmed.

Kate O'Halloran


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