Minutes of Committee Meeting 7/5/17

Committee Meeting 7/5/17

Present (by Skype): Richard Bagnall-Oakeley, Viviane Carneiro, Jane Clements, Phil Cox, Jamie Crabb, Juliet Lyons, Andrew Price

  1. PCU Leaflet a) Jamie has put together a form that can be sent out to the membership / added to Ning to ask membership about organisations we might make links with. The next step is to decide where we put the form on the Ning/how we distribute it to members b) Jane to change the font on the PCU leaflet to Arial – easier to read

  2. Doodle poll for future meetings

  3. Relationship with PCSR - Richard will liaise with PCSR steering group, to think about how we could work together on campaigns while retaining our own distinct identities and roles as organisations.

  4. Membership – Criteria for joining PCU decided as counselling/psychotherapy training. Where there are uncertainties, it is to be decided on a case by case basis. This could be added on the membership form - where and what course – Jane will do this. Agreement that we are not an assessor or registering body, we are here to support members. Phil to create a letter in the event of not being able to offer membership to an individual.

  5. Workplace support – handbook material Creating a handbook for members supporting other members in workplace grievances or disciplinary processes. Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service is a good resource. Andrew P has put a few documents up in the google drive folder. This could be a project for members. Andrew P put the documents together on the shared drive and also putting a power-point together.

  6. Membership Callout We need more members involved in workplace support – signposting for specialist legal advice – distinguishing workplace grievances and support for disciplinary processes. Viviane has put herself forward as available for support.

  7. Committee Communication Viviane would like that we keep each other more informed of what we are working on, not only to keep each other informed, which is important, but to have a sense of unity, as a team, which may make it easier to support each other.

  8. Training Robbie has been doing some research into the Solidarity Federation. Juliet to pass on the name of person that may be able to offer us training (see below)

Elizabeth Cotton is a writer and educator working in the field of mental health at work. She teaches and writes academically about employment relations and precarious work, business and management, adult education, solidarity and team working, and resilience at work. Elizabeth worked as an organiser and educator for the Miners’ International and has worked with activists from 35 developing and transition economies. She has worked as a psychotherapist in the NHS and her next book Surviving Work in Healthcare: Helpful stuff for people on the frontline will be published by Taylor & Francis in 2017. She runs www.survivingwork.org a free resource on how to do it.

Context of the course Many professionals, including therapists, counsellors, coaches, supervisors, teachers, doctors, organisational consultants or academics, live with the fear of a complaint being made against them. On this one-day event, our aim is to understand the forces at work in us, in our professions and in society as a whole when relationships break down. What are the unconscious dynamics at work? What might be the feelings, unmet needs and values that have not had a voice? How can we embrace uncertainty, humility and being human in a way that will help us to move towards a more compassionate, systemic view in the face of inevitable challenges?

Viviane mentioned the following conference:

Exploring the Dynamics of Complaints - Supervision Conference

Venue: CCPE - Beauchamp Lodge, London Paddington Thursday 6 July 2017 Cost: £60


  1. Regional Groups Possibility of introducing a map that identifies where members are based, for members to get together and seek support locally. Jamie to explore creating a map using google maps based on post-codes. This could be in a protected area of the ning, to ensure confidentiality within the community. We could doodle poll members regarding this

  2. Letter to members/newsletter – general email to the announcement list. Recruitment drive/call-out. Richard to lead on this.

  3. Co-opted Roles Andrew Samuels as ‘academic advisor’ - agreed

  4. Digital membership form on Facebook Concerns raised as this would bypass the joining process that goes through the administrator, and make it more complicated for her - Jane. It is important that new members agree to the aims of the Union, and that they are fully aware of what the Union is and can offer. Agreement from the committee that any decisions and discussions around changes to the current system of becoming a member should include Jane from the outset. Jane and committee agreed to a joining button on Facebook linking to the Union email only, that would alert the administrator to a new member wishing to join. Juliet was aware that the minutes of the last AGM were not clear enough regarding these concerns about the uses of Facebook, and she has amended the minutes.

  5. Not discussed

- remembering PCU in your will and a ‘donate button’

- ning discussion

- systems for working together

- awareness centre

- website domain name

- asking those that have not renewedpossibility of the committee contacting people who have not renewed subscriptions to ask them why.

- Trainee event / 6-monthly event.

- Contacting insurance companies.

- Set of talking points to use in discussion when seeking to encourage colleagues to join PCU script

- Send copies of the leaflets we have to the committee and to get the Publisher package on the union laptop.

Next committee meeting set for 11/6/17, 6pm

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