Free therapy for Grenfell residents and victims posted by Jane Clements

Dehra Mitchell is organising and co-ordinating free therapy for the residents and victims of the Grenfell Tower fire.

He is working with the North Kensington Law Centre to set up a database of therapists willing to offer free therapy for the current situation and on an ongoing basis.

At the moment what is being offered is short-term therapy of 3 sessions with the possibility of drop-in sessions as well.

What would be helpful is if therapists were able to offer a few hours on a particular day each week but if that's not possible offer what they can.

There are rooms available to use 

There is likely to be a need for group therapy at some point for the lawyers working in the North Kensington Law Centre. 

Volunteer Therapists need to be prepared to deal with trauma, there is a need for experience of working with families and children.

He is doing this on his own so may well need some help with organising this.

If you are interested in getting involved with this contact Dehra Mitchell 07973 821446 or e-mail  

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