Exec Committee meeting 21st June 2020

PCU Executive Committee Meeting June 21st 2020, by Zoom

Present: Juliet, Eleanor, Kris, Sasha, Richard, Sana, John, Audrey, Sarah, Kate, Michael, Andy (joined after item 3)

Apologies: Reem

  1. Introductions: Welcomed Michael, our new Treasurer, and introduced ourselves. Michael (and anyone else who hasn’t) to send a photo and biog to Milton for the website; Kate to add him to committee email list

  2. Minutes of last meeting: Agreed

  3. Complaint: No response received to the latest letter, which had requested a response by June 10th or to leave the committee. Discussed process. Agreed to write inviting the member to resign from the committee - voted 6 for, 2 against, 4 abstentions.

  4. Membership report: Kate presented the report:

Total members as at 18th June 2020 – 642

Total paid up members as at 18th June 2020 - 580

Total number in arrears as at 18th June 2020 - 62

Subs reminders: Based on the past few months, we usually get 30 - 38 members who need reminding to pay for their subs each month. Usually after 2 emails just over half of these members respond and pay, and 1-3 ask to cancel.

Others need follow up action of phone calls, and letters and many will need to be cancelled due to unresponsiveness.

New members each month

April: 10

May: 13

June: 17 (so far)

Cancelled members each month:

April: 2

May: 3

June: 3 (so far)

Main reason for cancelling is lack of contact after not paying subs, others left for financial or change of work situations in the past 3 months.

We discussed the figures: noted the lengthy time spent with around 30 members each month needing follow-up to pay subscriptions - moving towards more automated processes will help with this. Impact of outreach: about 20 people had made enquiries immediately after yesterday’s CTUK event where the union was promoted.

  1. Equalities monitoring: Kris will amend the draft form to make it shorter and allow for more self-identification. Send finished form to all members and ask new members to fill it in when joining. Need to agree accompanying message clarifying why we are asking for this information (to address issues of equality/diversity in the union), and explain that the data will be kept confidential and stored separately

  2. Equalities policy: Sasha, Richard and Audrey are working on a draft version; important that the term ‘equity’ is used rather than ‘equality’

  3. Member support: Sasha reported there are currently about 10 ongoing member support cases on various issues, and a further 3 cases involving Truth Legal

  4. Website: Agreed that significant improvements are needed in both content and design. Need to decide whether we opt for improvements on the existing Wix platform, or a complete rebuild. Discussions with Tony Johnson at GFTU about membership database options are also to be considered. Andy will liaise with Tony and look at providers and ballpark costs for a complete rebuild. In the short-term, give feedback to Milton about simple changes to content and design.

  5. Social media: Noted recent feedback from CTUK members about PCU’s social media presence. Discussed John’s suggestion of a PCU Facebook group, which he offers to moderate - would need clear policies to support moderation. Needs further discussion and development of social media policies and guidelines - John is willing to lead on this.

  6. Email lists: Need to send a message to all members explaining how to manage the discussion list traffic. Noted the recent incident where copyrighted resources on anti-racism had been shared on the list without consent (the post has now been deleted) - need email list guidelines so that it is clear what is unacceptable and repeat offenders can be removed

  7. Member involvement/campaigns: Following on from the members’ event on May 30th, agreed to issue a call-out to members to get involved in campaigns in core areas. Juliet to draft the email, committee members to acts as contacts for each campaign. Noted that the Campaigns Coordinator role could be important, but is currently vacant as Reem had decided not to take the role.

  8. Black Lives Matter: Agreed that it is important for PCU to issue a statement and discuss further proposals to respond to this issue; discuss further and seek members’ input

  9. ‘An Hour for an Hour’: Noted that responses received to the consultation on this proposal were mainly negative, so we will not proceed. Noted the suggestion that we encourage other GFTU unions to set up EAPs for their members.

  10. Covid-19: Kris is collating info and advice on issues around return to work (or not), health & safety and risk management, which can be posted on the website - Eleanor and Sana can also help with this

  11. Credit Unions: John is researching info about what other groups do, and what is viable

Next meeting Sunday 19th July, 11am - 1.30pm


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