Exec Cttee meeting 26th July 2020

PCU Executive Committee meeting (by Zoom) 26th July 2020

(continuation of 19/07 meeting)

Present: Juliet, Kris, Richard, Audrey, Sana, Sasha

Apologies: John, Sarah, Andy, Eleanor

1. Campaigns: Covid-19 resource pack now on website – good response, could use it as a recruiting tool (share with others and encourage them to join)

BACP responded to our letter re racism in their Facebook group – stating that they will be creating new guidelines re behaviour – need to monitor this

EAPs - Care First responded stating that they do not recognise PCU. Suggested we contact EAPA UK, the association which has some oversight over EAPs, to highlight the issues our members are raising and ask for dialogue

2. PCP: Currently energised by the new iteration of SCoPEd. Discussing the scope for challenging the BACP’s implementation of a 5% threshold for AGM motions, which was done without consultation – seek advice from Truth Legal about process and likely costs if members wanted to bring a legal challenge.

3. GFTU: Not much response from GFTU unions to our enquiry about mental health support for their members, but we have been encouraged (by GFTU Gen Sec Doug Ellis) to persist and contact named people. Potential for long-term collaboration and perhaps sources of work for our members, but will need further work to develop this.

4. Petitions/statements: Agreed to sign ‘We Own It’ petition re SERCO and contact tracing, and to post UVW petition to website

Request from members for a statement of solidarity re Grenfell – suggested we ask the members to clarify what is being requested

5. Social media: Request to circulate a research project – agreed, but noted the need to develop policy on what should be circulated/promoted – for example, does it pertain to therapy or trade unions? This would be added to other social media policies. No objections to circulating English Collective of Prostitutes film.

6. Book chapter: PCU has been asked to contribute a chapter to a book on complaints processes in psychotherapy, describing PCU’s role and experiences – Richard, Sasha and Phil Cox are putting together a proposed synopsis – need to agree contractual terms re royalties

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