Committee Meeting 7/1/18

Next committee meeting – face to face on 27th January

PCU Committee Meeting 7/1/18

Present (by Skype): Richard Bagnall-Oakeley, Jane Clements, Phil Cox, Juliet Lyons, Andrew Price

Apologies: Viviane Carneiro, Robbie Lockwood, Victoria Childs, Jamie Crabb

  1. A Call Out to Members ‘This is what we’ve got coming up…’

  2. Case Record Forms Possible forms for those that need support from the Union. After the initial conversation, Jane would ask the member to fill in a form to detail their situation. This will then help in the process of passing on the information to the person who is to be appointed to the member for support. Suggestion that this form should be brought to the AGM for discussion. Agreement that it would be good to try a form out. Richard will resend Andy’s forms to the Committee to look at.

  3. Training Form – for those who are experiencing training issues. Suggestion that it would be good to consult with Jamie and Robbie on this.

  4. Diversity Information - Suggestion that it would be helpful for the Union to collect diversity and ethnicity information on these forms, and on the forms for new members as well.

  5. Forms on Website – Suggested that all these forms could be available on the website and could include ACAS rights at work. A starting point could be ‘what are my rights? Have I got grounds for complaint?’

  6. Support for Supporters Discussion about how to support members offering support to other members in the workplace/grievances. Concerns about the time commitment and work load. Concerns about overlapping loyalties – do we need a policy about whether we can work with organisations where the connection has been through individual work with a member? Do we need a policy on decisions about how far to support a member? Suggestion that we develop a more coherent group of supporters who can contact each other for help regarding these issues. In terms of policies, it was suggested that we work to our ethics and the Union’s Constitution.

  7. Member Involvement A member has volunteered to make telephone calls to our members to get some feedback from members, and also let them know what we are doing as a Union. Suggestion to pay this member. Proposal for a list of questions to members. Richard has started this. We would be interested to know: What keeps you a member of the Union? There will be general contact to members about this first.

  8. Newsletter Jane will collect this together, with our current activities and priorities

  9. Publicising the Union Phil is exploring a presentation to publicize the Union. He suggests a one hour talk ‘Online Events’. It will be free to log in and watch live, but will require payment to see this after the event. Phil suggested several committee members and ex-committee members could talk about their work with the Union and why the Union was set up. Also, suggested that we could do the same on our website.

  10. Links with Organisations – we would like to make sure that the Union is represented at Pink Therapy Conference on March 24th and the BAATN conference, April 21st and to strengthen links with both organisations.

  11. Contact List – Following Liz Cotton’s suggestion, Juliet working on this

  12. Workshop at AGM (May 5th) – possible complaints workshop led by Phil. Conversation about regional workshops as well.

Next committee meeting – face to face on 27th January

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