Committee Meeting 5/4/20

Updated: Jun 30

Minutes of Executive Committee Zoom Meeting, 5th April 2020

Present: Richard Bagnall-Oakeley, Sasha Kaplin, Juliet Lyons, Andy Price, Reem Shelhi, Audrey West, Eleanor Whitehead

Big-Three Petition Government Covid-19

Response to proposed signature of Petition to government from Big-Three in the face of Covid-19.  Agreed that we will not sign but we will put a statement together

Richard to write a draft statement in response to the Big Three and we will work on it.

Dick Blackwell Letter regarding online working guidelines:

Agreed that it is not something to write a statement on but Juliet will draft statement on behalf of PCU.

AGM (via Zoom)

  • Confirmation that Susie Orbach & Truth Legal will be joining online.  Open conversation with Susie Orbach & Presentations around Covid-19.

  • Asking for questions for Susie and Truth Legal

  • Richard to send out email asking our members to send in questions.

  • Reem to set up Zoom: Security paramount, company branded, breakout room, taking votes, activating and disabling chat when needed, taking question.

  • Richard will ask Kate or Milton to set up an email address for PCU and then will make announcement - Richard to handle with RS as back-up

  • Timeline needed

AGM Annual Report

Have announced that Juliet is standing as General Secretary

Child Care Policy

Eleanor working to amend the Child Care Policy.

Sole Carer’s Allowance: 

Eleanor to write a statement about £30 contribution towards any care for people who sole carers for dependents, to be involved and will be paid on receipt of invoice

Truth Legal and Employment Tribunal:

Andy said that Truth Legal and will invoice for £1,000

COT-3: If not agreed to Union and Kirstie to talk about it, PCU will not sign and will go to ET.

We have given them to the 9th of April for them to agree to talk about it.

Universal Credit for their circumstances.

Sasha stated that without applying for it you can test whether you are eligible for it.

PCU Online Posting

Agreed that there is a need to make a distinction between what is personal opinion and what is committee opinion.  Who is representing the union?  Individual views versus union views?

Where does PCU position itself in response to?

Next Meeting:  Sunday, 12th April 2020 @ 11.00 a.m.

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