Committee Meeting 29/3/20

Updated: Jun 30

PCU Committee Zoom meeting 29-03-20

Present: Juliet, Andy, Eleanor, Sasha, Richard

1. EAPs - Juliet will speak to Workplace Solutions (in response to their letter) for more information about their payments to staff for remote work. Health Assured are owned by Betfred the gambing business, but their EAP service is 'accredited' by BACP, who apparently agreed to them paying all their counsellors the lower rate of pay while having to work remotely during the current crisis.

2. BACP, UKCP, BPC letter to government: BACP asked us for a response to this. Felt that we should highlight the problem of BACP's lack of attention to ethical standards in the workplace of organisations they accredit, using Health Assuured as an example. Use our Codes of Practice as a basis for arguing for minimum standards in the treatment of therapists at work. Andy will draft our response. 

3. Room rental and other C19 issues: Multiple complex questions affecting many therapists. Agreed we need a section on the website to provide advice on (a) legal issues such as room rental, being asked to go into work, etc (Andy to contact Truth Legal); (b) online/remote therapy guidelines (RIchard to collate) and (c) government financial and support (Eleanor to collate)

4. AGM: Agreed to go ahead with an online AGM using Zoom. Confirmed that our constitution does not rule out online meetings. Ask Kate and Milton if they can run it; need more info about practicalities. Andy to ask Truth Legal and Susie Orbach if they are willing to contribute to online versions of their planned meetings. Announcement about this and changes to officer roles and committee membership to be sent out today. One new person has stood for the committee.

5. GFTU: Andy and Juliet are on GFTU WhatsApp group, many interesting issues being discussed - aim to do a weekly digest to update members. Ask Doug Ellis to write about PCU issues in his regular column in the Morning Star.

6. PCU response to crisis: We need to let members know what we are doing. Agreed to weekly Sunday meetings; announce to members that they can contact us to raise issues they want us to discuss. Sasha to set up an email address for this. 

7. Website: Need to clarify and decide on the payment plan, though we are happy to be guided by Admin on this.

8. Sickness: Agreed that, as an interim measure until we have revised the work agreements, admin staff can claim payment for their hours if they are unable to work due to illness.

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