Committee Meeting 24/6/18

Updated: Oct 27, 2018

PCU Committee Meeting 24/6/18

Present (by Skype): Richard Bagnall-Oakeley, Phil Cox, Sasha Kaplin, Juliet Lyons, Andrew Price

Apologies: Viviane Carneiro, Victoria Childs, Jane Clements, Lou Futcher, Robbie Lockwood

1. Conversion ‘therapy’:

a) The committee discussed the reaction from the google group to committee’s statement. The committee agreed to keep the statement as it is, feeling strongly that CT is an abuse of human rights. This is an exceptional circumstance and in no way indicates that PCU is regulating its members. The committee agrees that the statement follows section 4a of the constitution: ‘The Executive Committee is empowered to make day to day decisions, and to carry out urgent actions, which may require later ratification by a general meeting.’ The statement can be ratified and amended if necessary at the next AGM. In reference to the process, members will be referred to these minutes. Sasha let us know that the coalition that can add PCU as signatories to the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU2) on this issue will next be meeting in August.

b) In terms of PCU representation, this will mean that CT therapists cannot be effectively represented by PCU. If however, a practitioner is accused of practicing CT and denies the fact, PCU will represent and support them. If the committee need to amend the statement to make this clear, we will do so at the next AGM.

2. Diversity: It is not clear yet whether the CT working group (Sasha, Robbie, Lou) will continue to develop a wider policy statements on diversity/discrimination/inclusion. Sasha will get back to the committee on whether this will move forward with the current working group. Audrey, Kris, Riva, Pretish and Shammi have all expressed an interest in contributing. Members could be co-opted to the committee to lead on this. Phil, Juliet and Richard have all spoken with Eugene (BAATN) and are looking to see how we can be useful to the organisation.

3. Google Group: Discussion about the tone of the conversation around CT on the Google Group.

4. Website: All committee members agreed that is the preferred domain name of the 3 choices. Richard suggested that the website changes could be made to the website while live.

5. New UKCP Code of Ethics: this conference is on 7thJuly. Phil and Juliet possibly to go. Richard contacting Martin Polecoff regarding PCU’s Codes of Practice. BACP seem to be tightening their codes, while UKCP’s seem to have a lighter touch. Phil to write to the Google Group about the Unified Profession’s Conference. Juliet to add the event to the google calendar.

6. IAPT Unpaid Staff: IAPT designers are also concerned about the service using unpaid staff and also want to change the situation. IAPT are also concerned about low staff morale, not enough therapists to deliver IAPT and many leaving the service. PCU are wondering about a potential dialogue with IAPT, who are asking about PCU.PCU could recommend that IAPT staff join PCU.

7. Next Committee Meeting: Richard to start a google poll for a meeting in September, so that as many of us as possible can meet.

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