Committee Meeting 19/4/20

Updated: Jun 30

PCU Executive Committee Zoom meeting 19-04-20 

Present: Reem, Juliet, Richard, Andy, Sasha, Eleanor, Audrey

1. AGM: Finalising documents and Zoom procedures for the event

2. Sole carer expenses policy: This revised policy was unanimously agreed

3. Commitments and capacity: Noted that as the union grows, there is an increasing workload for committee members. Discussed how individuals' capacity to give time and energy may vary according to health, other commitments, etc. Agreed that there is value in having a range of levels of activity, rather than fixed commitments - members who are are not able to contribute so much time can still make valuable contributions through commenting and reflecting on processes from a less active but still engaged position.

4. Committee roles and processes: Need to clarify what are the committee's priorities and 'core business', what roles need to be filled, and how we make decisions on eg which political campaigns to support. Richard to circulate draft text by email for further discussion. Also need ongoing reflection on less conscious group processes, interpersonal dynamics, power relations etc.

5. New committee members: The prospective new members Kris, John, Sarah and Sana joined us for introductory discussions about what they hope to bring. 

John: interest in setting up a credit union or similar, maybe by linking with other unions. Kris: interested in developing a more outward-facing, actively inclusive union - what stops people joining? how can we involve more marginalised groups? impact of coronavirus highlights the urgency of organising as a union. 

Sarah: Spoke about the new IAPT workers groups, and issues arising - eg expensive mandatory trainings, creeping privatisation of NHS services, exploitation, unpaid work, value of specialist union support for therapists - happy to have a committee role to liaise with IAPT workers.

Sana: A range of international experience, and currently completing further psychotherapy training, potentially a voice for trainees.

Confirmed we will have further discussions as a new expanded committee after the AGM

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