Committee Meeting 19/4/18

PCU Committee Meeting 19/4/18

Present (by Skype): Richard Bagnall-Oakeley, Viviane Carneiro,Jane Clements, Phil Cox, Jamie Crabb, Juliet Lyons, Andrew Price

Apologies: Victoria Childs, Robbie Lockwood

  1. AGM – reports, agenda, practicalities

a) 24 coming, 10 apologies

b) Juliet to send proposal and new committee applications to Jane

c) Catering – biscuits in the morning, cake in the afternoon

d) Suggestion that we use a ‘pool fare’ system for the next AGM to share the expense of travel

e) Juliet and Andy to help with signing in on the day

f) Closed or open AGM? Merits on both sides. Juliet to write a statement regarding those that can attend AGM – update, reads as follows: ‘The committee want to clarify our position regarding attendance at the AGM. The official position is that invitations for the AGM are for members only. If anyone that is attending the workshop in the morning would like to also attend the AGM as observers, please contact Jane at’

g) Committee to meet for a working lunch between the workshop and AGM

h) Jamie to look into options for online access to event

  1. Online Voting

a) How will this work for AGM proposals?

b) High on the list of things that need to be worked out

  1. Leaflets and website

a) Need to be agreed and printed

b) Some wording issues – Viviane to send google doc to committee

c) Take off Jane’s address, add phone number and website address

d) Jamie asked Juliet if she would be able to look at the copy text on new template website Viviane and Jamie have been working on.

  1. Paid Administrator

a) Jane needs help with the administration –committee agreement that it is time to employ a second administrator.

b) Initial contact to be Jane, who can explain more about the job

c) Process to be led by Jane with an interview process for the larger committee as a possibility

d) Advert to go out to the membership asapwith 3 weeks from the announcement for the position to be open

e) The next committee would then be involved in the decision at the next committee meeting

f) Criteria – it would be helpful if the person had some union and administration experience. Need to finalise a person specification

  1. Trainee Fees

a) As we have no consensus on this, we are not changing this for the moment.

  1. Collaborative Competence Framework

a) We discussed the issue briefly and agreed it needs further discussion with PCU membership

  1. Committee members applications

a) 4 committee applications

b) No need for a vote, as Jamie leaving and the total committee members will therefore be 11

c) Suggestion that we invite the new members to be part of our email group

  1. Conversion Therapy

a) Following Phil’s recent contact with Pink Therapy at their conference, Phil relayed that he is getting the message that PCU and Pink Therapy are philosophically misaligned, because we do not currently bar therapists practicing ‘conversion therapy’ from membership.

b) Confusion in the committee as to how this came about and that we need to address this.

c) Encouragement by committee members to read back over old google group discussions, as there have been several attempts to come to a position over this – written by Kate, Richard and discussion as this being part of a larger ethical statement.

d) Committee felt that to be able to come to a clear position, we will need a voting system.

e) We may need to call a special meeting in regards to this, as we will not be able to before the AGM.

  1. British Library Event

a)Some committee members going - Viviane and Juliet

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