Committee Meeting 1/9/18

PCU Committee Meeting 1/9/18

Present: Richard Bagnall-Oakeley, Victoria Childs, Phil Cox, Lou Futcher, Sasha Kaplin, Robbie Lockwood, Juliet Lyons,

Apologies: Viviane Carneiro, Jane Clements, Andrew Price

Administrator roles a) Jane is considering stepping down as administrator due to family issues. Time-frame is unclear. It will be vital that there continues to be a contact person for those making enquiries about PCU. The committee would like a break-down of Jane’s work, so that we can allocate the roles.

b ) One application for administrator. Andy and Jane meeting with the applicant on 13thSeptember. Jane wanting some steer from the committee on questions to ask the applicant. If the applicant is successful, will Jane be able to train her? A committee member also showed some interest in the role.

2. Website:The new website will go live mid-September. Jamie and Viviane have asked for payment for some of the work involved. The committee had no objections to this. Agreement on £10/hour.

3. Publicity and Recruitment:

a) New leaflets – Jane is not quite happy with the colour of those recently printed, but will use them nevertheless. Richard will email Jane to ask whether she will be able to distribute leaflets.

b) Committee members discussed links to courses – Goldsmiths, IATE and asking the google group again for links to courses. PCU has a poster and wondered about an A5 version for college notice-boards. Phil has been invited to the School of Psychotherapy to talk about PCU. We would like to develop a template for members or committee members to use as a guide to talk about the PCU – when founded, how developed and why…

c) PCU currently has around 400 members and we’d like to have 500 by the next AGM.

Equality and Diversity:

a) We are looking to develop a policy statement on equality and diversity. Lou will liaise with Audrey, Shammi, Pretish and Kris. Lou offered to lead on this. We are currently supporting a member in a case of discrimination, referred from BAATN.

b) Discussion about monitoring our members, so that we are more aware of diversity amongst them. Lou will do some research on this. Initial ideas to ask for: age, ethnicity, sexuality/gender, disability/chronic pain, class, further comments.

Member Support:

a) This is an area that needs developing in PCU – training, keeping together what has been learnt. A member support page including rights at work and demystifying.

b) We currently have 10-12 volunteers. There is a sub-group who are in contact with each other. Richard has been initiating this. Currently Richard leads on workplace disputes and Phil on complaints against members. Cases involve gender, sexuality, religion, levels of ability.

c) In particular, if Jane is to leave, we will need a contact person for member support. Sasha is willing to take some first phone calls.

d) Discussion around needing a broader campaign around issues of sexuality and gender. Difficulties for students on courses who have been open about their life-style. Would the English Collective get involved?

Member Involvement:

a) Sasha has now contacted 70 members by email and telephone. She asks if members would like leaflets, details the comments about PCU, mentions the map. She has noticed that the Codes of Practice are hard to sell. General agreement that it is perhaps organisations rather than individuals that may be interested in these. A member has offered their experience in PR and journalism. Sasha has been able to link a few members in the Brighton area with the possibility of a Brighton group being set up. There has been a member interested in giving member support.


a) Unpaid work – Richard is meeting Martin Polecoff next week about this subject. Could UKCP endorse PCU Codes of Practice for Trainees and Employers? Discussion on how BACP approve counselling organisations and UKCP does not. Would the charities commission get involved? We want to shine a light on this area, particularly within high profile organisations. Currently we don’t know how much work is done by unpaid therapists in the voluntary sector. Within IAPT, we are wondering how to get a public profile about unpaid staff.

b) Forced Adoptions – Victoria taking the lead on this working with the SNS (Support Not Separation) Coalition. Victoria has been asked to speak at the House of Commons on Tuesday 11thSeptember. She is unsure if she will be able to do this. John McDonnell will be there and has experience as a Foster Carer. Andy Bilson, Professor of Social Work, Lancaster and Emma Lewell-Buck.

c) Care Consultation – International Day, next year. Committee happy to put up to £100 towards this. Discussion of money towards Crossroads, but unclear what project this would be for.

d) Prevent – Robbie presented the statement on Prevent coordinated by PCU London. Committee agreement that this could be endorsed by PCU and sent to the discussion list. Suggestion to have PCU’s website address on the statement and possibility that Robbie may set up a London group email address. Discussion that this could be sent to UKCP from Richard, with his email address.


a) Feedback from members (via Sasha’s phone calls) that they would like a regular newsletter to find out explicitly what PCU are currently doing. Lou would coordinate this and committee members will contribute to the google document. We would like the newsletter to come out every 3 months. We would like it to made explicit that we are not paid and we would like more members to get involved.

9. Next Meeting: To be arranged by google poll for November 3rd, 4th, 10thor 11th.

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