AGM Preliminary Notice 2018

All PCU members are warmly invited to the PCU AGM to be held on Saturday 5th May 2018 from 10am to 5pm at Resource For London,

Holloway Road, London N7.

There will be a workshop on complaints from 10am to 1pm (details to follow) and the AGM will be held from 2pm to 5pm.

Please let Jane, the administrator, know that you will be attending by e-mail to

The AGM has to have one tenth of the membership or 21 members, whichever is less to go ahead on this date. As there are approx. 335 current members,

at least 21 members will need to be in attendance.

Nominations (Constitution points 4 and 5)

In accordance with the constitution committee members serve for a two year term unless they no longer want to. As the current committee members have served for a year re-election of existing members is not required.

The constitution allows for 12 committee members including office bearers. As Jamie Crabb intends to stand down at the AGM there will be 5 vacant committee positions. Victoria Childs was co-opted onto the committee in 2017 which is allowed for in the constitution. She would like to continue, so her membership will need to be formalised at the AGM.

Nominations are invited from members for the vacant committee positions and will need other union members to nominate and second a nomination.

Nominations should include a brief statement about your interest in joining the committee and any relevant background information.

Nominations should be sent to Juliet Lyons, The Secretary, at: by Monday 16th April 2018.

Nominations will be voted on at the AGM.

The current committee would welcome and encourage new committee members to share the work in keeping the union active but also to

encourage diversity and energy.

Proposals (Constitution points 7 and 8 a)

Only a general meeting of members shall have the right to decide on union policy, amend the constitution or wind up the union.

Proposals are invited from members and the committee and will need other union members to propose and second a proposal.

Proposals should be sent by e-mail to Juliet Lyons, The Secretary at: by Monday 16th April 2018.

Each proposal will be discussed and voted on at the AGM, a majority of two thirds of members in attendance will be needed to pass a proposal.

The committee are looking into the possibility of using electronic voting for members who are unable to attend.

The AGM is in the events calendar on the website. There is also an AGM events forum on the events page where members are invited to post/discuss AGM related comments, thoughts and ideas at:

An agenda and reports including an abstract of accounts will be sent to members by Friday 20th April 2018.

Sent on behalf of the PCU Committee

Richard Bagnall-Oakeley

Viviane Carneiro

Victoria Childs

Jane Clements

Phil Cox

Jamie Crabb

Robbie Lockwood

Juliet Lyons

Andy Price

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