Letter from PCU re Julian Assange, 9/12/19


Dear Home Secretary.

As a Trade Union of workers dedicated to the alleviation of psychological suffering and to the promotion of mental health, some of whose members have worked as counsellors and psychotherapists with victims of torture, we are extremely concerned to hear about the reported treatment of Mr Julian Assange by the British state and prison authorities - treatment that cannot be regarded as acceptable in any society claiming to be at all civilised or democratic.

You will already have received an open letter of concern signed by numerous medical doctors which includes the assessment of Nils Melzer the UN special rapporteur on torture, and we wish to add our voice of concern and protest to theirs. 

We respectfully request an explanation of where and how Mr Assange is currently being treated and what steps are being taken to protect his physical and mental health, and we look forward to hearing from you.

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